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Why Stop Ticket Scalping?

Artists and event venues intentionally price tickets at lower than market prices in order to create a more intimate relationship with their customers and to encourage customer loyalty.

By doing so, they allow ticket scalpers to come in as middlemen and buy up all the tickets only to sell them later for a profit.

Ticket resale has become a $15 billion dollar industry. It's estimated that 60% of tickets to high demand shows are bought by ticket scalpers.

Ticket scalpers contribute nothing to the industry and yet are raking in the money. We at TicketBuffs believe this money should go to the people who contribute to the industry. The artists and the venues.

How We Stop Ticket Scalping

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes ensure that tickets can't be resold except through our platform.

End To End Platform

TicketBuffs is involved at all stages of the ticketing process. From sale to check in, we ensure that tickets bought through TicketBuffs can't be resold on other platforms.

Ticket Resale And Transfer

Can't make it to the show? You can still resell or transfer your tickets to someone else, just not for more than you bought the ticket for.


What if I can't make it to the show? Can I still sell or transfer my tickets to someone else?

Absolutely! You can transfer your tickets to someone else at no cost. Tickets can also be refunded up to 24 hours in advance of the show. After that, you can put your tickets back up for resale for someone else to buy.

How does the dynamic QR code system work?

Your ticket has a unique code associated with it. We use this unique code and combine it with our time based algorithm to generate a changing QR code.

By keeping the QR code constantly chaning, we ensure that someone can't simply take a picture of our ticket and then resell it on another platform.

At check-in, nothing changes. Just present your ticket to the attendent and your good to go!

What if I don't have cell service or WiFi at the event? Will I still be able to check in?

Yep! Your tickets are downloaded to your phone at check in. Simply present your QR code at the venue and you're good to go.

How does TicketBuffs make money?

TicketBuffs takes a small percentage of each ticket sold to fund our platform.

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